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Start-up entrepreneur coaching

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I am the founder/ CEO of  You Are Beautiful project and Start- up Entrepreneur Coaching.

I am a life coach that brings visions to reality. I  have over 5 years experience as a motivational speaker and I have produced a women’s magazine called SheInspires that aims to change the perception beauty in the media.

With over eight years of experience running a nonprofit organisation. I  bring  business consultants , business professionals and entrepreneurs together under one roof.

I am particularly interested in helping people to move toward actions and thought-pattern changes that will have a positive and meaningful impact on their lives.

I have worked with individuals to help them obtain advice, coaching,  guidance for life and business decisions.

My motivation in life is to help others unleash their dreams and become the best version of themselves

Start-Up Entrepreneur Coaching was inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic where we found that many people were either furloughed or made redundant with nothing else to do. We felt that providing a platform for inspiring and enabling business ideas to come to reality would be a great contribution to Start-Ups. 

Our aim is to partner with like-minded organisations like yourselves to get access to prospective clients who might need our advice, support and guidance in starting their businesses. 

Our purpose is to provide a Gateway for connecting the people who can help budding entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas into a thriving business. We can help someone who is either looking to start their business from scratch or who has recently started but would like expert help to grow. 

Our programmes for helping Start-Ups include the following 
1. Introduction to starting a business – idea generation, funding ideas etc
2. How to write a business plan
3. Marketing Strategies for beginners
4. Branding your business – visions & strategy
5. Financial planning for business
6. 1-2-1 bespoke coaching for business growth. 

If you require any of the above-mentioned services, please get in touch with me on: E: admin@startupentrepreneur.com M: 07472 337 853. For more information about other services, check out our website: www.startupentrepreneurcoaching.com 

Vivian Moyo, Founder Start-Up Entrepreneur Coaching